“I die, and the world dies with me.”

I am as simple as that. Because writing here is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me, saved me and allowed me to live. It brings me back to life, every time, just when I am about to fall.

I have vices in me like any silly human would. I make mistakes, sometimes irreversible ones and I stand helplessly on the sidelines smiling. I cannot change the time that has passed, but I regret nothing at all. I am happy to look back, because I was given what millions on this planet never had.

I make drawings, I write and I do work when I have the motivation for it. But for most of the time I have dreams. I see them with open eyes, all the time. People kick me aside at times, at other times I am embraced with smiles.

I have betrayed friends, I have run away from places I should not have abandoned and I have saddened some of my dearest.

Everything, every leaf that lands on my head, is a gift – is what I believe and walk ahead. “I can do it”, keeps me going.

For most times I rely on none but myself, because I am a narcissist. My pond being the happy tears of people I bring smiles to, and I rejoice in the glitter that shines in them.

If I can be even a nano bit useful to the world, I can die with a smile – is what I really want to say, believe and achieve.

My poems are not well crafted. They are raw, like my skills. I am constantly wandering through lines, without making sense sometimes, so pardon me for that. But I am lethargic to place a flower within a square, because that would be such a waste – really.

Just be with me. My blog has turned 1 today. My moons dance happily somewhere on this planet. You are welcome to share your thoughts upon them.

Thanks for visiting.




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