the questions that rise in my mind

find their passions in my heart

they float in deep waters of my soul

remain there and torment me

for years, i suffer silently

like one and all my age and more

their presence makes me ill with feelings

such strength they have in

binding me to a place inside

i keep swirling like a desperate snake

running after its own tail

and i know that there are a million blogs like this

a zillion words and more

but each is special in its own way

like this one, the twenty eight moons

that smile upon me

and the sweet syrups that fill my dreams

all cuddling in a little corner of this web

where we happen to stumble upon one another

like strangers, become acquainted and then friends

somehow i am closer to you

than to anyone i have known

so thanks

for clasping my poem

into your beautiful eyes

and for smiling at them

because that’s what i aim for…

not just to spill a few hundred thoughts…



have fun.


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