A reason, at last…

After a really long time, I have a reason now to come back here. When life gives you what you always asked for, yet not really expected to have, you are taken aback with the swiftness of time and the pace of life and the unpredictability that plagues your thoughts as you make that transition. That’s where I stand today.

But, I recently forgot why I started this blog in the first place. Every post is an ambiguous piece and everything a passing phase. Its as if the emotion was there within me till I wrote it down and boom, its gone. It seems to disappear the moment I hit the ‘PUBLISH’ button. And I really don’t know why this happens and whether this has any significance. Yet, I realized that when I take a break from this place, I am lost and lonely. This place allows me to speak without interference and without someone judging me. Thanks for being a part of this crucial journey. Thanks for reading my poems and for liking them 🙂


Opinions instill hope... Feel free to share yours here.

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