what a woman wants.

you know what a woman wants?

to be the most beautiful,

adored, admired,

loved and cuddled;

to be held like none other;

to be special and cherished.

her world deep inside is all about her worth

her need to be irreplaceable

is an unending craving

since the moment she is born

and her eyes open to see

her iris grows wide to assimilate all colors that can be

her need to grow into a glorious bud

and to blossom into a magnificent flower

is something that drives her to strive

an innate tendency to stand out and be noticed

is something she might herself deny

but it is so that she becomes like none other

an existence meant to attract

and persevere to achieve an end

someone who can rise amid odds

a human form that holds infinite power

to love and be loved,

to give and be given,

to rule and be ruled upon,

her dimensions as many

her heart deeper than oceans

were she to spell it out

a lifetime would be insufficient

such is her gravity that perhaps

she herself takes a long while to grasp

the essence of her soul,

her purpose for being here,

and her cause so untold.

in a place where men dominate

her tenderness a sole mate

under constant judgments

and persistent expectations

she walks the limelight



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