the right to forget and not forgive.

I am wounded still

though a year passed

someone somewhere is a culprit

of the mess he has made of me

how can I forgive, I cannot

but can I forget, I must

like clouds moving on to dissipate

my heart’s moisture too must fall dry

I must remember that life is short

and time is fleeting

nothing is stagnant

neither my pain, nor my fate

the rules of the world

apply to me not

so that I can escape and move on

I must keep walking all along

there will be days when I fall and cry

there will be places where I watch the sky

I will find a few places bluer and

a few others darker

yet I have to ensure that I walk

with feet full of blisters even

I cannot stop, I cannot remain

in a place of non-existence

when I can already feel

my soul seeking another flight.


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