Who are you?

When someone questions your very way of life, what do you do? When someone questions your very identity and proves to you that everything you are is away from normal, away from the way things should be, what should you do?

Can you still stay sane when all that you stand for is taken away from you? How do you justify yourself? Or do you really need to? Should you worry? Should you hold on to such words, or should you ignore it?

You can’t right? When things hurt you they tend to stay in your mind. It keeps pricking you constantly until you are hurt deeper and irreplaceably. No one knows how you have been hurting from something unless you speak about it and if you do speak about it, you are bound to be misunderstood, probably because you are not assertive enough.

So, should I continue going through life the way I have been? Perhaps yes, because that’s how you are comfortable living, and if you were to change that, it should come from within yourself, rather than from someone else’s words, right?

Being on the receiving end of judgments is never pleasant, but it is your perseverance with yourself after hearing all that that you become someone really strong. You will walk a path less travelled. You will live a life that makes sense to you, and although it sounds pointless to everyone else, it is still the best answer you can arrive at. That’s life – your life.