vague thoughts of a certain someone.

he would smile so well

so I thought….

talking to him would make me forget

time, and

I would just talk


sharing my heart


those moments were

as I look back today

like pearls

I still revisit sometimes

how it felt and smile


I can not approach him

as I could then

for my eyes have shifted

to a farther goal

miles and miles away from him

and his smile

I have a place I need to be

its easier still to sabotage a bond

when fresh

wounds seem like they would heal

without a scar

but I wonder

how I might think

after years have passed

and I have left this place

will he remember me?

will I appear in his dreams?

or perhaps,

it might all just end up

on my side of the world

as grey lands of unhealable regrets

patches of dark

I might carry to my grave.


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