in the middle of a chaos

something in you keeps watch

calculating damages

reading emotions, unintentionally

depressions and escalations

speculations of every spoken word

its meanings, its constraints,

a rain of thorns that might come back haunting

unimaginable damages

leading to hesitations

front and then back

seeking assurance

a few deliberations

a few hurts

worrying in micro-seconds

of the consequences of actions taken

the painful truths, the regrets

the heart’s greedy wishes

possible avoidances

and an entire chain of events

avoidable by a mere restraint

and the latent realization

of the real meaning of defense

and although offence mends the ego right away

the screen that hides your real self

begins to sway

forcing you to realize

that guilty face

and the unamendable mistake

that forms a scar upon it.


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