the bliss of zero.

don’t know why

but churning words is a hassle

once I draw a line mid-air

I can not redraw it

life’s ambitions fade in importance

when looked upon from above

everything is zero

from a vantage point

where you feel at ease

wishing if you could stop to breathe

how nice that would be

a soul is somewhere in the mind

yet its everywhere else

projected through every image

gifted by vision

we are nothing compared

to the silence of this universe

although our ears can’t hear

and our eyes can’t see

there are events that happen

just as it is

without a governance to justify them

without lines

the purity of truth is that

it is too pure to bear

and amid all this blackness

lies a small speck of dust

where our lives we endure with pride

all the drama directed at

a mere reason

to keep it somehow ‘interesting’.


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