When you stop to walk…

Sometimes it’s just how things turn out to be;

the world leaves you behind

and you wonder where you can go;

your home seems far,

and your heart feels restless.

It is then that you think

about all things backwards;

where you might have made a mistake,

why is it that only you have to suffer,

and why are you the one to follow,

instead of being someone who can lead.

When you see them all glittering

and find yourself on the ground,

Its where you stop

and take the very first step

to actually walk,

because when you walk

your world changes;

the sun never sets

and the clouds they move with you.

As birds take their flight at the end of their days,

they envy how you are ahead of them.

And while you face a horizon all alone,

you see your true potential

for the places you can reach

and the discoveries you can make,

as you walk with

your own two feet;

unaided, undisguised, unprotected

but free…


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