something better than me.

in me i seek

something better than myself

someone with a better body

with a better heart

and an infinite mind

i am running

chasing after someone

that i am not


and there is no one

to tell me how right or wrong

i can be

i cannot become

an actor within my self

i can never transgress

the limitations that bind me

and shape me

as a human

my skin is brown

it will remain so till i die

and even if i do change it

with plastic

radiant and white

i will but remain

the same old puppet made of wood

dancing to the same songs

chasing the same dreams

ideals so incomplete

that i would cry

but this time, my tears would slip and fade

neither flow, nor remain

for i will be to the world

a plastic decoration

that can only love

the one who loves its face.


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