sweet whispers i gather

upon ice cold fingertips

i feel i have formed vain dreams

of you beside

those vast plains lay bare

our footprints still clear on them

i accumulate dust as memories

forming your scent in my sleep

while this day passes

i know i can not return

there is still silence thronging in me

requesting all past to remain sealed

i can only look ahead

without a thought of what was lost


once something rusts

it turns into golden trash

neither can it be thrown away

nor can it be of use

just walking is living for some

we keep walking

so we can keep on



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dina says:

    Lovely work, thank you!
    Happy Valentine ❤


    1. misspencil says:

      I know this is late, but thanks, Dina. Same to you. Wishing you beautiful heartfelt days.


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