heat of october.

on a long road the crystals glow

farther and farther

my image floats

i needlessly go on and on

as if endlessness is my fate, my time

is tied to none

nothing scratches my face anymore

pain’s painfulness being all a vain

i am merely an object of my shadows, you know

i am journeying like a ghost

inside a web of quartz my body lay

still inside a mournful time

her womb clasping my whole in a spec

nothing can move, nothing can make noise

here it is as clear as the sky

as free as the first breath of life, but

it is the same and never new

on this path as i ride the train

the length coils my fingertips as if

consumed to an unseen mist

i reign over a cloudless smoke

unknown to the world

my eyes they

exist merely to know

what else is there

over the edge of this road.


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